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+ Can Skoots® be used on any type of surface/ground?

Skoots® are ideally designed to be used on flat, smooth surfaces like those found in warehouses or on tarmac. If you need to move items across rougher terrain, please contact us for advice and guidance on what is practical.

+ Can I buy spare parts for my Skoots®?

Yes. All spare parts, including castors, jacks, straps and toe plates are available on the website.

+ Why don’t the castors have brakes?

Directional locks and brakes are slightly different. Directional locks will lock the castor in one direction whereas brakes would lock it off completely. We don’t use brakes for safety reasons: for example, if castors are locked on an incline there is the danger that the weight of the load could cause a brake to fail and the load to slide.

+ What type of oil is used in the jacks?

We use Varpress 68 hydraulic oil in our jacks.

+ What is the warranty period on my Skoots®?

The warranty on frames and toe plates is 5 years. For hydraulic jacks and casters, the warranty is 12 months.

+ Should I use more than the two standard securing straps?

Our Skoots® are supplied with two heavy duty straps but it is possible to purchase extra straps, from our website, if these are required. These come in two lengths- either 2m lengths or 5m lengths.

+ How should Skoots® be stored?

Skoots® should always be stored upright due to the hydraulic oil in the jacks. If they are stored horizontally, there is the potential for oil to go into areas of the jack that it shouldn’t which can then cause problems.

+ How do you prevent overloading of the Skoots®?

The hydraulic jacks or rams are equipped with a PRV fitting which prevents the Skoots® from working if overloaded. For instance, if the jacks are set to 2T and you have a 3T product on the Skoots®, when you try operating the jacks, they will refuse to lift it. So, although you can physically overload the Skoots®, you won’t be able to operate them in this instance.

+ Do you offer onsite demonstrations for Skoots®?

Yes we do. Please call to arrange a demonstration on 01249 822 222 or complete our online booking form.

+ Can Skoots® be serviced?

We offer back to base servicing. This will depend on the age of the Skoots® or jacks. As part of service process, we will inspect the Skoots®, and then offer a quote on any repairs necessary. We will then wait for authorisation from the customer before proceeding with the repairs. More information on Skoots® servicing is available in our help centre.

+ Can I replace rams (jacks) on existing Skoots® with old frames?

Rams are hydraulic jacks. These can be replaced in many cases but could possibly reduce the lifting weight in some cases. Please call us on 01249 822 222 and we will be happy to discuss your options and offer advice.

+ What is the lead time on Skoots®?

For website orders the lead time is 2 to 3 days.