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+ What makes AluTruk® a premium quality sack truck?

We use only premium quality structural aluminium for our AluTruk frames due to its high strength to weight ratio. The most suitable alloy has been chosen for tensile strength, density, ductility, formability, workability and corrosion resistance.

AluTruk® handgrips stay on the sack truck and once fitted correctly, our nylon grips are virtually impossible to remove without cutting tools!

We use UK-sourced fasteners which deliver superior strength and longevity. For maximum strength and durability we use magnesium alloy axle brackets which are less brittle and more impact resistant than standard die cast aluminium.

Our one-piece pressed steel hubs are made from 1.8mm coated steel for maximum durability available with puncture proof tyres for reduced downtime.

Extruded aluminium is used for our toe-plates, again designed for maximum strength.

ALL parts of the AluTruk® are replaceable saving on both cost and downtime within your fleet to give excellent value for money.

For all these reasons we can truly say the AluTruk is a premium quality sack truck.

+ What is the maximum load capacity of the AluTruk sack truck range?

For safe handling, an AluTruk® upright truck used on two wheels (whether they are pneumatic or puncture proof) has a load capacity of 300kg.

When our convertible sack trucks are used in the flat position, the load capacity goes up to 500kg.

For our stair climber range, when used on the stairs the load capacity reduces to 180kg due to the number of wheels in contact with floor at any given time.

+ Can I retrofit additional parts to my AluTruks?

Yes. Parts are interchangeable so it is possible to retro fit parts at a later stage, for example if you change your mind about the type of handle you need on your sack truck you can buy a different one and retro fit it to your sack truck.

It may be that you bought your AluTruk® without wheel guards, but if you later change your mind, they can be retrofitted on to the truck. It is really easy to add the additional parts when you want to, and we are always here to help if needed.

+ Can I buy AluTruk spares? What spare parts are available?

Any part of the AluTruk® is replaceable, including handles, wheels, toeplates, frames to name a few. You can find all of our spare parts on our website.

+ Are your wheels non-marking?

Our most popular wheel isn’t non-marking as it has a black tyre which can leave marks on certain surfaces. However, we do offer a grey puncture proof tyre which is non-marking.

+ Are the wheels better than those on other general sack trucks?

In short, Yes!

Why can we say this? Because the majority of our tyres are puncture proof, and we also crown the tread on them to make it easier to turn and pivot under load.

Also really important is that our axles are manufactured to have a very small tolerance of 0.1mm between the axle and the wheel bearing which reduces any unwanted movement on the axle. Inferior wheels have a higher tolerance meaning that there is more impact between the bearing and the axle, causing more damage which can break the bearings and ruin the tyres.

+ Are aluminium sack trucks better than steel sack trucks?

Although aluminium is more expensive than steel, the way the AluTruk® is designed makes it much more durable than a steel sack truck – therefore it will last longer and the deliver better value for money. The AluTruk® modular design also means that you can replace the individual parts rather than the whole truck. Again, this makes it very cost effective over a longer period. The use of aluminium also means that it is weld free – if a weld breaks on a steel truck you will need to replace the whole truck but the modular design of the aluminium AluTruk® means that you can replace just one part.

A steel truck will be much heavier than an aluminium one but that doesn’t mean it’s less durable. With AluTruk® you still retain the strength because of the modular design and the top quality components used. See “What makes AluTruk® a premium quality sack truck?” for more detail.

AluTruk® parts are anodised so that there is less risk of corrosion or rust, whereas steel is powder coated and when this wears off it is vulnerable to rust and so doesn’t maintain it’s appearance in the same way as AluTruk®.

+ What warranty do you offer on AluTruk?

All of our standard modular trucks come with a 2-year warranty on parts. Our stair climber and water bottle trucks come with a 12-month warranty.

+ How do you ensure that quality is consistent across your AluTruk range?

Rigorous testing and quality control is standard at BIL Materials Handling and our products have been extensively field tested and also evaluated by independent test laboratories within the UK.

Full batch traceability is incorporated into our systems to track every single component and materials back to source. BIL are ISO 9001:2015 accredited as a manufacturer, designer and developer of materials handling equipment and our Quality Management System forms the backbone of our organisation.

Each and every modular AluTruk® is hand built to order by skilled operators and every AluTruk® is hard stamped with an individual, unique trace number for future reference. Strict quality controls throughout this process, including rigorous checking procedures in the production, assembly, packing and despatch departments, ensure that the superior build quality remains consistent and protects our excellent reputation for quality products.

+ Which wheel is better for sack trucks? Pneumatic or Puncture-Proof?

Around 95% or our AluTruk’s are sold with puncture proof wheels. These are solid wheels filled with micro cellular-foam which means that they won’t puncture and so reduces the risk of downtime.

Our pneumatic wheels provide a softer, more cushioned ride which can be of benefit when the sack truck is being used over rough ground such as gravel or cobbles.

+ Do I have to assemble the item on delivery?


We assemble our AluTruk's in house to your specification. The truck is then bagged or palletised for delivery and will arrive fully ready to use.

+ What is the lead time on your sack trucks?

On orders placed through the website the lead time is typically just 2-3 working days.