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Skoots Servicing – The basics

Can Skoots® be serviced?

Like any piece of premium service equipment, it is useful to know whether Skoots can be brought back to their original state (or as close as possible) and we are pleased to tell you they can. Directly through us, the manufacturers, BIL Group. After numerous uses over a number of jobs, there is nothing we would recommend more. Think of it as a Skoots spa break!

Skoots Service Process

An obvious starting point is understanding how the process of a Skoots service works. It is very simple. Our servicing is offered on a back to base service model. Your first port of call is to make contact with us so we can understand your needs and help guide you through the process.

Our team will likely ask you for information such as the Skoots model number, jack serial numbers and all the normal contact information. We store this information so we can check to see how old the Skoots are and the best term of service to offer.

Once we understand your need, we will issue a price for our standard service cost to give you a rough idea before you return your Skoots back to us. Once this has been issued and you are happy to continue with the service, we will email you a returns form to send with your Skoots as they make their way to us at BIL HQ!

Once your Skoots are received back on site, our team will perform a comprehensive inspection and present the results along with recommendations to our sales team who will then prepare a detailed quotation for you to approve. This gives you full control as to whether we continue with carrying out the service or not.

Once you give us the green light, we take payment and carry out the service work as per your quotation. Once complete, the Skoots can be collected or returned to the desired location.

What is included in a Skoots’ service?

Our standard Skoots service involves checking the entire Skoots with the aim of keeping them in optimal working order. Below is a list of key points we check:

Hydraulic Jacks – We check both the outer and internal elements of the jack. The hydraulic jack is the main focus of the service and we will replace the oil and seals along with other parts to ensure maximum longevity.

Frame & Toeplate – We will check the frame and toeplate are free from excessive damage and are not bent in anyway.

Rubber mats – We check they are intact. If they are not or are missing, we will quote to replace and secure them using our standard adhesive solution.

Castors – We will check the castors bracket is not damaged along with the wheels themselves. We will ensure the directional locks are in full working order and that the castors rotate 360degrees freely.

Accessories – We will give the Skoots the final once over, checking areas such as the eye bolts, that all nuts and bolts are fastened securely and even the safety stickers – It’s the detail that counts!

Warranty on Repairs – a 6 month warranty is applied to any repair work carried out.

How much does a Skoots Service cost?

This all depends on the work we need to carry out. As a rough guideline you can view the prices for parts on the website topped up with the internal service cost for the hydraulic jacks.
This is the proverbial “Stitch in Time Saves Nine”. Just as with a car, a regular service keeps it running at its optimal level and helps to avoid costly future breakdowns.

How long does a Skoots service take?

On receipt of your Skoots and approval of the quote we aim to have the Skoots serviced and returned to you within 5-7 days. It is important for us to have enough time to carry out the work to a high standard but also ensure they are returned to you in a timely manner so you can get them back in action.

If you are working to time constraints, then feel free to contact us and book in a service slot. We can then give you a more accurate return date.

Why Service my Skoots®?

Because you will save time and money in the long run.

Skoots involve moving parts and hydraulics. They are subjected to lifting and carrying varied weights across a range of distances so ensuring they are always working at their maximum performance levels is very important.

We would recommend a service on your Skoots once every 12 months and we are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Can I Repair my own Skoots?

You certainly can, although we would recommend keeping away from the intricacies of the internal elements of the hydraulic jacks. Leave that to us to service as we will make sure they are fully tested before returning to you.

On our website we offer a vast range of Skoots® spare parts including replacement hydraulic jacks, rubber mats, castors, straps. These parts are all easy to fit and are readily available from stock.


Hopefully this article provides an outline to our Skoots servicing process and why we feel it is so important. If you would like to book in your service or would like to discuss this further, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.