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Castors for Outstanding Performance in the Theatre

Our full range of theatre castors can be found here. We have provided handy filters to help you refine your search and quickly select the ideal castor for your requirements.

Within the theatre industry there are many varied situations where there is a need to move a range of items or equipment safely, smoothly and often very quietly.  This would include;

When buying castors for use within the theatre or entertainment industry – whether that is for a permanent theatre, a mobile theatre, a film set, concert or a dance studio, it is important to consider several factors:

Noise level

In any theatre or entertainment setting, moving sets, props and large equipment needs to be done quietly and efficiently to avoid disturbing the production in process.  The audience does not want to be disturbed by the sounds of wheels! Castors which roll with minimal noise are therefore essential.

Castors with rubber wheels, which provide cushioning, are an ideal choice for noise reduction as they will move smoothly and quietly.

Theatre Wheels and castors from BIL Silent rolling Polyurethane wheel
BIL theatre castors quiet rubber wheel

Floor protection

It is important to use castors which will not cause unsightly marks on flooring used for theatre industry productions or cause damage to that floor by scratching or gouging the surface as they roll. All the wheels used with our theatre castors: rubber, polyurethane or nylon are designed to avoid damage to floors and are non-marking.

For uneven surfaces or those where electrical wires need to be rolled over, castors with our black elastic rubber wheels are the most suitable and will roll most smoothly.

Ease of use

As with the manoeuvring of any heavy or bulky equipment, the safety of those operating the machinery must be considered.  The equipment needs to move easily and smoothly with the minimum of force to avoid injury to staff.  For this reason, theatre castors need to have both low starting resistance and low rolling resistance. 

Both of these types of wheel would be ideal for use in theatre environments;

If you feel that you would like to use our experience and expertise to properly assess your requirements and to make recommendations as to which castors or wheels would work best for you, then we would be perfectly happy to come out and meet you to do just that.

Reliability and durability

The last thing anyone wants during a production or concert is for equipment to let them down. 
It is vital that any castors used within the theatre industry are reliable and also durable.  You certainly get this with BIL products.  All of our ranges are manufactured to ISO9001:2015 standards, independently tested and certified to BS EN 12530/12532:1999 & BS EN 12527:1999 standards. This means you can be sure that the load capacity is reliable and the product is constructed to the highest standards delivering a top quality product, fully suitable for the specialist needs and requirements of the creative arts industry. We are also the only castor and wheel manufacturer with our own comprehensive in-house testing capabilities.

Unobtrusive black castors

The audience has come to see the cast not the Castors! They should remain completely unaware of the castors and not have their attention drawn to them.  Our black painted range of castors are ideal for the entertainment industry and are designed specifically to blend into the background and also to avoid the reflections that can be caused by stage lighting.

Within our theatre castors range, we offer six different wheel types, a wide range of sizes and load ratings as well as single and double wheel options.  Visit our website and use our handy filter to help you refine your search to the best suited black painted castors for your requirements.

If you are unsure on the best castor configurations for your needs, then please refer to our castor buying guide or contact our sales team directly, we are more than happy to help!

The load to be moved

It is really important to consider the load that the castors will be used to move. For load ratings between 225kg and 600kg, scenery skates are the ideal solution. These triple wheel skates are designed to move heavy scenery in the film, theatre and music industries These are available with top plate or stem fixing to offer a high degree of stability and strength by distributing the load. They are offered in a choice of different materials and options. 

Choosing the correct castors for use in your theatre, film or entertainment setting will make life a lot easier and less stressful for you and your staff. Our specialist theatre castors allow you to move large, heavy, items safely and under control. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for from our extensive range, we can help. You can call us directly on 01249 822222 or you can provide us with the measurements for a wheel or castor that you’re looking for. We can then see if we have something suitable that isn’t on our website or we can look at manufacturing this specifically for you.

If you would prefer to discuss your needs, with one of our specialists please call us on 01249 822222 and we will be delighted to help find the perfect castors for you.