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How to Lift and Move Heavy and Awkward Loads

Do it easily and safely with Skates and Jacks – ‘work smarter, not harder’

Safety is vital in any setting where load moving is required.  If the incorrect equipment is used, injuries are likely to occur. Having the right tool for the job reduces this risk. For example, using a Toe Jack to raise product and place onto load onto a Skate, and then using the actual Skate to transport the load will all in turn, allow the equipment to take on the weight so that workers do not need to strain themselves.

What are Skates and Jacks?

Things are much easier to move when they are on good quality, durable wheels.  Machine skates, which have a square or rectangular platform, with wheels at each corner, are placed under heavy equipment, machinery, appliances or other loads.

Heavy Duty 12tonne Steerable Skate from BIL Handling Top Quality Lifting Jack up to 15 Tonnes capacity from BIL Handling

These can then slide across the floor rather than being picked up and carried. For the best control, choose steerable skates in conjunction with our adjustable skates. The combination will provide stability and safe directional control. For larger product you may want to consider using two steerable skates with the addition of an adjustable. Still unsure? Our team are always happy to discuss your needs to come up with a safe solution.

Toe Jacks (or floor Jacks) are used to lift up the corners of the heavy load so that the machine skates can be positioned underneath.  Toe Jacks use a hydraulic system to do the heavy lifting and some varieties have a swivel feature, allowing equipment to be positioned more precisely and utilised in areas where space may be restricted.

Where would you use Skates and Jacks?

Skates and Jacks can be used in pretty much any industry – warehouses, manufacturing, construction, automotive, engineering – anywhere where heavy loads need to be lifted and moved, Skates and Jacks give a clear all round advantage.

BIL Toe Jacks can lift large, heavy loads up to 8 tonnes, with a floor clearance as low as 15mm.For example, in warehouses where storage space is tight, large loads and pallets can be more easily moved using jacks and skates than by a forklift, which has less manoeuvrability and may not be able to access all areas.

Within the construction industry, many separate parts need to be moved in to position, often on uneven surfaces, and a combination of our toe and machine jacks with our heavy duty machine moving skates is perfect for this due to their versatility.

Machine Skates and Toe Jacks can be customised and combined, making them a versatile, lifting and transporting system suitable for a range of different applications and processes.

Why use BIL Handling’s Skates and Jacks?

BIL Handling’s professional range of lifting jacks & moving skates are ideal for any business, including industrial or construction work, where heavy load lifting and moving is a requirement.

Rotational Hydraulic Jack 25tonne from BIL HandlingMany industries and businesses, including automotive, engineering and textiles manufacturing, need to move heavy loads to storage areas or to onwards transportation units before shipment and our jacks and skates can facilitate this effectively and safely.

Durable and easy to use, BIL Handling’s toe jacks and machine jacks are extremely robust and can lift from floor clearances as low as 15mm. With varying load capacities up to 60 tonne, the low-profile adjustable lifting toe allows them to be used for a range of jobs and settings. The housing and toe on our Rotational Hydraulic Jack revolve 360˚ and with its stable, compact construction this can be used safely in any position as it is also protected against overloading. BIL Handling’s toe and machine jacks combine safety of operation with high performance, allowing loads to be raised and lowered with control and confidence.

Heavy equipment, machinery and loads can be moved easily using our heavy duty machine skates, with our versatile range including both adjustable and steerable skates, available in a range of up to 20 tonnes.

Heavy Duty 9tonne Steerable Skate from BIL HandlingLarge diameter rollers ensure even weight distribution, with a fixed rubber non-slip pad on the platform to reduce the risk of load slippage meaning that heavy loads can be transported with ease and safety.

If you require any further information at all on any of our skates and jacks – or if you need help and advice on safely moving heavy or awkward loads, please contact us. We are trusted materials handling and moving specialists. We would be delighted to hear from you and are always ready to help.