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Piano Dollies & Trucks – Everything You Need to Know

What are piano dollies?

Piano trucks, or dollies as they are more commonly known, are square or rectangular compact platforms mounted on castors or wheels.

The name derives from their historical use in moving heavy pianos into position. Pianos, being weighty items and awkward in shape, meant that a dolly was developed to be versatile enough to cater for this unique need.

Today they are used in a multitude of industries including warehousing and are especially popular with removal companies for moving heavy items easily and safely.

Do piano dollies only move pianos?

Piano Dollies from BIL

As their name suggests they are used to move large pianos but of course they can shift many other items. Providing they are used in the correct environment for the wheels and the load is within rating and evenly distributed, their uses are almost limitless.

Primarily they are for moving items over shorter distances and then into their final position. (We recommend using other products for moving items efficiently over longer distances). A good example of this is moving heavy boxes from a removal van to their new home, which means shifting substantial weights over multiple journeys. A good piano dolly will justify its cost by dramatically reducing physical strain and the risk of injury or damage to the items being moved.

Piano truck options

There are many on the market today, so choosing the correct model and brand to deliver the efficiency and quality needed can be challenging. It needs to be robust enough to last through regular use as well as being easy (and safe) to use under load.

BIL Piano Dolly

We offer three core models under the respected AluTruk® brand.

Each model is manufactured from a structural grade aluminium framework with an option of wheel designs:

Which features/options do you need?

Heavy loads need a strong framework to support them. That’s why the AluTruk frames are in extruded aluminium which is load-bearing and robust.

Extra heavy loads?
Here are the load ratings in increasing capacity:
550kg – PT1 – the basic model
600kg – PT3 – fitted with an extra lengthways strut
750kg – PT2 – doubled-up extruded aluminium framework to support the increased load capacity

Need precise control to go slow and steady?
For example if you are moving a bulky, heavy and expensive piano, this is much easier with fixed-position wheels – ie the PT1 model.

Need to avoid marks on the flooring?
You’ll want non-marking rubber wheels, hopefully fitted with precision ball bearings. The precision bearings will mean smooth and silent running. These features combined make for an ergonomic unit that’s easier to move under load as user effort is reduced. This matches the PT1 model, which is also our most popular unit.
We recommend avoiding cheaper models on the market that use roller bearings and thinner wheels.

Restricted space?
More manoeuvrability is needed – you’ll achieve 360 degree movement with swivel castors as fitted to the PT2 model.

Going off road?
When transporting over rough terrain like gravel and grass, you’ll want pneumatic wheels which are ideal for these surfaces. These are used on the PT3 which is also the largest unit to spread the load out across the likely uneven ground. Being pneumatic there is the possibility of a puncture. Each wheel is held (securely) in place with washers and split pins so it’s a simple task to replace the deflated wheel with a spare.

Avoiding damage to the load and property
As standard we’ve fitted each AluTruk model with rubber end buffers that are bolted in place. This avoids unwanted movement, provides longevity and avoids dents in walls (from the dolly). It’s the same for the load bearing buffers on the top. These are ribbed and bolted to prevent the load from sliding around on the dolly and to protect the load from the aluminium frame.

What makes AluTruk piano dollies the sensible choice?

BIL Piano Trolley

To recap…
AluTruk® piano trucks are made to exacting ISO standards (as is all of the AluTruk range) delivering real quality, which means genuine value for money.

The framework is manufactured from structural grade extruded, aluminium channels, which are welded to the highest standard. Rubber buffers on each corner protect against damage to property and ribbed rubber constructed tops reduce the risk of product slippage and improve safe handling. Each model has a different configuration of castors and wheels to cater for various environments and needs such as flat surfaces, gravel, easy cornering, grass and more.

Where to buy the best piano dollies?

Where? In our opinion, directly from our range of high quality piano dollies, transport trollies & skates, with quick delivery available throughout mainland UK.

As the manufacturer we offer a 12-month warranty as standard on all piano trucks in our AluTruk® range.

If you need any help or advice on which product is right for your business, please contact us. We are always ready and happy to assist and advise.