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Shipping Container Castors

Move fully loaded ISO shipping containers – up to 28,000kg – safely and easily with our heavy duty ISO castors fitted with a directional lock. No need for cranes or forklifts. Just use a towing vehicle or simply manually push them with just one or two men.   

These are high quality, robust ISO shipping container castors backed by the BIL Groups reputation for engineering excellence. See our full range of ISO shipping container castors here.

ISO (International Standards Organisation) shipping containers are used to store and transport cargo and goods by boat, train or truck.  These shipping containers come in a variety of types including;

Often these shipping containers need to be moved or manoeuvred into different storage positions or moved between different transport types. Using BIL heavy duty castors, fitted with a directional lock, allows shipping containers of up to 28000kg to be moved easily and safely.

Move ISO Containers safely but also quicker and cheaper

One big benefit of using ISO shipping container castors is that the containers can be moved without the need for cranes, gantries or forklift trucks. This makes it quicker and cheaper.

BIL ISO heavy duty fabricated container castors are specifically designed for moving ISO containers quickly but with no compromises on safety.

Our shipping container castors come as a set of four and will handle loads of up to 28,000kg.  They comprise of twin swivel castors with directional locks.  The twin swivel castors make it easy to manoeuvre and move the shipping container into position even in tight spaces.

If you want to know more about calculating safe castor load bearings view our quick guide to calculating castor load bearing capacities.

The directional locks secure the castors into position so that the shipping container can be moved in a straight line easily and predictably with no sudden changes of direction caused by uneven ground.  The use of the directional lock simply converts the swivel castor to a fixed direction wheel.   

BIL shipping container castors are available with engineered ISO fittings so that attaching them to the base of the ISO containers is straightforward and quick.

Our range of shipping container castor wheels are available in 3 different wheel diameters;

You have a choice of two different castor heights either 345mm or 370mm. 

The wheel materials are polyurethane on cast iron. 

Castor Steering Arms
Castor Steering Arms can be used to rotate the direction of the castors under the shipping container to ensure that they are all facing the same way. This means it takes much less effort to start the container moving and reduces the strain on the castors.

Containers Towing Frame
For towing ISO shipping containers, we offer an ISO Container Castor 35 Ton Capacity Towing Frame, which is Triangular Tow Bar with a maximum load rating of 35000kg.  This can then be attached to a truck, forklift, tug or tractor giving you the option to tow the container.

Shipping Container Castors that won’t let you down

At BIL, we understand the benefits of using shipping castors to move your containers around.  Through research, design and testing, we have created high quality, robust ISO shipping container castors that you can trust not to let you down.  Our shipping container castors are an excellent investment that will save you time, effort and money. All things included, our ISO container castors represent outstanding value for money.

Here to help

Our experts are always on hand, happy to advise you and guide you towards selecting the most suitable castors for your needs.  We appreciate that every application is going to be unique in some way. Indeed, we can even manufacture custom built castors to suit your application if none of the castors we have available are suitable for you. 

Please don’t hesitate in contacting a member of the team on 01249 822222 or email us at to discuss your requirements.  We are always ready to help.