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Looking for Vulkollan wheels?

High Grade Polyurethane designers wheels, Drive Wheels, Technical Wheels, Plain Bore, Keyway or Ball Bearing options.

Vulkollan Wheels

If you’re looking to buy Vulkollan Wheels at a competitive price then talk to BIL Castors! We are delighted to make these high performance Keyway Wheels available for sale.

Designed to perform in the toughest environments, Vulkollan Wheels are built to last and deliver superior performance over any other castor wheels on the market.

Vulkollan Technical Information at a glance:

■    Standard production hardness:  90° and 95° Shore A

■    Manufactured using warm cast polyurethane

■    Can be lengthened up to 7 times its original length

■    Ultra high tear-resistance, even to tread damage

■    Shock-absorbing properties up to -40° C

■    Extremely resistant to abrasion

■    Very low degradation and deformation over time

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View and download our Vulkollan brochure.