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Jacking Castors

Jacking castors are specialist castors that can not only be used for moving heavy equipment around but can also be used to raise and lower these same heavy items.  They are extremely versatile, with the ability to facilitate both vertical and horizontal movement and can be used with a variety of wheels to suit your specific application and work surface.

Jacking Castor

Jacking castors are typically used in industrial settings, such as factories or warehouses, where heavy machinery or equipment needs to be shifted around. However, jacking castors are also suitable for use in any setting where they can be used to move heavy objects that cannot be easily lifted or pushed by hand.

Jacking castors from BIL

BIL’s jacking castors are specifically designed to be robust and durable, with the ability to support heavy loads and withstand the rigours of industrial use.

Jacking castors consist of a swivel castor wheel mounted on a vertical stem, with a mechanism (handle or lever) that can be used to raise and lower the load. There is also the option to have a brake fitted to keep it in place once the object has been lifted.

BIL supply three types of jacking castor:

Heavy duty jacking castors which are zinc plated for corrosion resistance and have a load capacity from 140kg up to 2800kg per castor.

A Jacking Castor from the BIL range

Parking / lifting jacks which are without castor wheels and for use when the object is stationary.  These have a load capacity of 1000kg to 4000kg per jack. 

A Parking/Lifting Jack from the BIL range

View our full range of jacking castors and Parking / Lifting Jacks on our website and use the sliders and drop down filters provided there to select exactly the jacking castor that you need. Or watch our short video for additional useful advice and information about the different types of jacking castors, and how you can select the correct load rating for your application.

What should I consider when buying jacking castors?

When choosing which jacking castors you need, there are several important factors that you will need to take into consideration:

Load capacity: The load capacity of the jacking castors is critical.  You will need to know the weight of the object you want to move and choose jacking castors that can support that weight. Jacking castors are rated differently to other castors.  They are designed to lift the load off the floor and therefore each castor is liable to carry half of the total load – if they are not raised and lowered at the same time. BIL recommend that each jacking castor should take at least 50% of the load i.e. the unladen weight + maximum load.

Wheel size and material: The size and material of the jacking castor wheel can also affect its performance. The size of the wheel will determine how easily it can roll over different surfaces, and the material will determine how durable and long-lasting it will be.

BIL offer 6 different wheel options:

Mounting style: You will need to decide whether you need a plate mount or bolt hole option.  The image below shows a jacking castor with a side fixing plate.

Fixed or Removable Crank Handles: Choose fixed or removable handles to best suit your applications.

Locking mechanism: A locking or braking mechanism can be important for safety and stability when moving heavy objects. You will need to consider whether you need plain swivel castors or swivel castors with brake.

Removable Handle Polyurethane Nylon Plate, Swivel, Brake Locking Castor with 600kg load capacity.

Why choose BIL for Jacking Castors?

The short answer is Quality and Value for money.
The BIL brand stamp on all our products is a guarantee of quality and our assurance that our products are built to last.

BIL are ISO 9001:2015 accredited as a manufacturer, designer and developer of castors and wheels and our Quality Management System forms the core of our organisation.

Testing and quality control is standard at BIL and our products have been extensively field tested. Full batch traceability is incorporated in our systems to track every single component and all materials right back to source. Final checks prior to dispatch ensure that our renowned superior build quality on all our wheels & castors remains consistently high.

We are always ready to help.

Our specialists are always available and happy to listen to your requirements and advise you on selecting the most suitable jacking castors for your needs.  We appreciate that every application is going to be unique in some way. We can even manufacture custom built jacking castors to suit your needs if none of the products we have available are suitable for you. 

Please don’t hesitate in contacting a member of the team on 01249 822 222 or email us at; to discuss your requirements and to see how we can help you and your business.