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Gate Castors and Wheels

Low cost gate castors and wheels from BIL Castors

Gate castors are wheels that are attached to the base of a gate or fence. They are designed to make your gate open easily and to keep your gates from dropping or dragging so they continue to open and close correctly. Gate Castors are especially useful – even necessary – on heavy or elongated gates. 

Without gate castors fitted, over time the gates may start to drop and drag when being opened and closed. When this happens gate fittings like bolts or handles become misaligned and difficult to use. So, the job of the gate castor is always to ensure that your gates remain as easy to use as when they were first fitted, providing a smooth and (almost) effortless movement. 

Gate castors also help to protect your gates by alleviating pressure on the hinges.  They will protect your yard or driveway surface, by eliminating the risk of damage from dragging or scraping over an uneven surface.

Gate castors – used more often than you might think.

Gate castors can be found in use in many settings.

Overall, gate castors are used by anyone who needs to use a large or heavy gate frequently to reduce the effort needed and ensure that the gate can be opened in a safe, smooth manner.

Spring Loaded Gate Castors

BIL Castors supply gate castors which are all spring loaded. This means that the height of the castor adjusts as it rolls over uneven surfaces. This keeps the gate at a consistent height. 

BIL supply two types of gate castor.

Fixed gate castors which do not rotate and only allow movement in a straight line.  These are suitable for a wide, single gate.

Swivel gate castors which rotate and allow the gate to move in any direction.  These are suitable for frequently opened gates and movement involving short distances.

Swivel and fixed gate castors

Our gate castors are manufactured in three different materials;

The gate castors have a wheel diameter of 100mm, and a load rating of either 60kg or 75kg (per castor) with spring compression starting at 1kg on our low cost gate castor and 20kg on the rest of the range.

You can see our full range of gate castors here.

Reliable Gate Castors – built to last!

If you buy gate castors from BIL you can be assured that you are buying a well-engineered, quality product.

We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited as a manufacturer, designer and developer of castors and wheels and our Quality Management System forms the backbone of our organisation.

Testing and quality control is standard at BIL and our products have been extensively field tested. Full batch traceability is incorporated in our systems to track every single component and materials back to source. Final checks prior to dispatch ensure that our renowned superior build quality on all wheels & castors remains consistently high.

The BIL brand stamp is a guarantee of the highest quality and our assurance that our products are built to last.

Need advice on Gate Castors and Wheels?

Our experts are always on hand, happy to advise you and guide you towards selecting the most suitable gate castors for your needs.

We appreciate that every application is going to be unique in some way. Indeed, we can even manufacture custom built castors to suit your application if none of the castors we have available are suitable for you. 

Please don’t hesitate in contacting a member of the team on 01249 822222 or email us at to discuss your requirements. We’re ready to help.