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Best Castors for the Waste Processing Industry

Within the waste processing industry, waste is collected, stored and transported between different areas and locations.  A multitude of variously sized containers are used to facilitate this, ranging from waste bins, wheelie bins and carts to skips that are designed to hold larger and heavier loads.

Image of a Waste container fitted with BIL Waste Container Castors.

Waste handling skips take a lot of punishment, but they are specially designed and built for operating in very demanding conditions.  As such, they are heavy and unwieldy.  Whilst they are often manoeuvred into position by lifting equipment or a pallet truck, they also regularly need to be manually moved into a final position.  In addition, waste processing can also involve other large and heavy equipment such as shredders, balers and compactors which typically also need to be moved around to different locations within a site.

Castors are used to provide the necessary final stage mobility for waste processing equipment, allowing the items to be easily and safely moved around between areas.  A couple of examples of suitable castors for use in the waste processing industry are shown below;

Suitable castors for use in the waste processing industry

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Understand your requirements

Choosing the best castors for waste processing units will ultimately depend on the specific requirements of your application.  Some of the factors that you will need to consider when the appropriate castors for your waste processing equipment include:

Why buy your waste material handling castors from BIL?

BIL are ISO 9001:2015 accredited as a manufacturer, designer and developer of castors and wheels and our Quality Management System shapes everything that we produce.

Testing and quality control is standard practice at BIL and our products have been extensively field tested to ensure they perform in the real world and not just in test environments.

Full batch traceability is incorporated in our systems to track every single component and materials back to source. Final checks prior to dispatch ensure that our renowned superior build quality on all wheels & castors remains consistently high.

The BIL brand stamp is a guarantee of the highest quality and our assurance that our products are built to last.

BIL are confident that we can provide what you want, when you want it and at really competitive prices.

The filters on our site will help you to select the ideal castor for your needs. However, if you are unsure which castor to select, or have any questions, then our experts are always on hand, and happy to advise you on selecting the most suitable castors for your needs.  Indeed, if your requirement can’t be met from our pre-existing ranges, we can look manufacturing custom built castors just for you.

Please call us today on 01249 822 222 or email us at; to discuss your requirements. We look forward to speaking to you.