Vulkollan Drive Wheels

Vulkollan polyurethane drive wheels, with a keyway, in a range of options, rated up to 3000kg per wheel (static) and 2400kg (at 6kph). The high tear-resistance (even if the tread is damaged) means Vulkollan polyurethane lasts twice as long as regular rubber compounds and the optimum chemical bonding to the metal core ensures the tread will stay in place for the wheel’s lifetime.

BIL Vulkollan Wheels are used in such diverse applications as lifts/elevators, production lines, printing, conveyors and waste sorting (eg trommel drum wheels).

• Wheel diameter from 100 mm up to 300 mm
• Keywayed Bore
• Load ranges from 360kg up to 2,400kg per wheel

Find out more about Vulkollan technology here in our info. sheet.

Vulkollan Drive Wheels


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