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Testing castors and wheels

As one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of castors and wheels BIL are ISO 9001:2015 accredited and our Quality Management System underpins our organisation. Testing and quality control is standard at BIL!

As a measure of our commitment to quality and testing we have our own purpose-built castors and wheels testing facility where our rotational test machine allows us to test to BS EN 12530:1999, 12532:1999 and BS EN 12527:1999 standards. Only products that pass this arduous test will get the BIL stamp of approval.

We can test both industrial and institutional castors, with testing speeds set at 3 kph for lighter duty applications or 4 kph with a maximum load capacity up to 350kg for industrial applications.

During the test, the castor will be subjected to a continuous cycle over a designated time frame. The castor runs across the metal test bed with predefined raised plates with the thickness being determined by the specification of the castor

Post testing checks will be carried out and fully documented to determine if the castor has passed or failed the test.

For more information visit our castors and wheels testing page.