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Skoots Video – Video

This video will give you an introduction to the Skoots Moving System manufactured by BIL Material Handling. Firstly, what are Skoots and how do they work? – Skoots are a simple, safe and effective hydraulic moving system designed to assist with the transportation of heavy and bulky loads across short distances.

Skoots are manufactured on site at BIL in the UK to exacting ISO standards. This includes all fabrication and precision engineering of frame, toeplate and hydraulic jacks.

Skoots are available in various load capacities ranging from 600kg up to 5tonne and are fully tested and certified, the most popular model being the 2tonne model.

Skoots are supplied into many different industries to assist with product relocations. Some of these include, Air conditioning installation, commercial refrigeration, switch gear relocation, vending machine and bathroom pod installations. Skoots can be used to transport most square or rectangular bulky loads.

Before Use

Before using the Skoots, it is important to familiarise yourself with some key checks surrounding the do’s and don’ts of both the Skoots themselves and the environment you plan to use them in. Some of these checks are listed here but a full range can be found in our user manual.

Operating the Skoots – Securing the load

1. Let’s look at how to use the Skoots, firstly securing the load safely.
2. Place the Skoots centrally under opposite ends of the load with the load itself located at the heel of the toeplates. Make sure the mainframe sits flush against the product itself.
3. Ensure the castor wheels are facing inwards and are fixed into place using the directional locks.
4. Secure the load using both sets of straps ensuring they are hooked securely to the eye bolts at each end of the Skoots. The straps should be secured at opposite ends diagonally for additional stability – For additional security you can use extra straps higher up the Skoots, good if the load is more top heavy.
5. Once in place, you can tighten the straps followed by closing the over cam buckle to fasten securely in place. Check the straps are not loose, once tight and secure the load is now ready to lift.

Lifting the Load

1. Once secured with the straps, ensure the valves on each hydraulic jack are fully closed.
2. When ready to lift, begin pumping the jack handles. This will start the flow of hydraulic oil and begin the lifting process.
3. The aim of the lift is to achieve minimum ground clearance, lifting the load no higher than required. This ensures added stability and safety.
4. Alternate the lift each end to keep the load horizontal or enlist help from a second team member. Once the load is off the ground, the load is now ready to move.

Moving the load

1. Once the load is safely secured and the product is off the ground you can now move the item to the desired location.
2. It is key to remember that when moving Skoots you should push rather than pull the load ensuring you always maintain full control and stability.
3. Skoots move on swivel castors fitted with directional locks. Using all swivel is beneficial in areas with limited space. For more control over longer distances the directional locks can be engaged and for larger loads a second team member can be brought in to assist with the movement.
4. Before moving the load, ensure the route is clear of debris and items that may impact your travel.

Lowering the load

1. Once the load is in position, slowly release the valves on each of the hydraulic jacks, this will lower the load to the ground.
2. The slower the valves are released, the slower the load will descend.
3. Once the load is on the ground, release and remove the straps and then finally move the Skoots away from the load.
4. When storing Skoots ensure they remain in an upright position.

Benefits for you the customer

The benefits of Skoots to you the customer are simple. You can have the confidence that you are using industry renowned equipment, creating efficiency for your business with a brand you can trust. We offer a quality promise to you with full product warranties across the Skoots range.

Contact us for help

Still unsure if Skoots will suit your needs? Our team are always on hand to assist with your enquiry, simply give them a call, drop us an email or request your free on-site demonstration. We will be more than happy to help!