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Theatre Castor Range – Video

This is our black painted theatre range castor series mainly designed for Theatre, television, museums, film making industries and many more.

Our range of black painted theatre castors are assembled in house with full quality checks being carried out before despatch.

Black painted theatre castor brackets are manufactured from a pressed steel with a choice of a top plate or single bolt hole options with the possibility of  single- and double-wheel options available within this range.   

These black painted castors come with a double ball race fitting within the head of the swivel and swivel braked options to ease manoeuvrability under load, with the added option of a fixed castor available.

As standard, we offer the choice of six different wheel options within this range theatre range. Nylon, 65 shore A Blue rubber, 65 shore A Black Rubber on Nylon, 65 shore Black rubber on Aluminium, 92 shore A Brown polyurethane, 92 shore A black polyurethane,

 Wheel types are available in 40, 48, 50, 60, 65, 80,100 and125mm diameter with load ratings varying from 100 to 300kg with both single- and double-wheel options available.

The wheels offered come either as a plain bore or the option of being fitted with a roller or ball journal bearing dependant on your application or requirement.

Using our filter, you can refine your search to the best suited black painted castors for your needs. If you are unsure on the best castor configurations, then please refer to our castor buying guide or contact our sales team directly, we are more than happy to help!