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Why Alutruk?

Why AluTruk is a common question we get asked by potential customers but one we always answer with utmost confidence.

Too often we hear of the same issues surrounding sack trucks including, punctured wheels, damaged bearings, broken welds and poor manoeuvrability under load to mention a few.

The AluTruk range is designed to solve all these problems and more.

AluTruk is manufactured in the UK from structural grade aluminium components for maximum strength to weight ratio. These components are fully anodised, sealing the surface to resist corrosion and fully checked prior to any assembly taking place.

Being fully modular, the options are vast and the range can be designed to suit your own requirements with different handle, frame, toeplate and wheel configurations available along with a vast choice of optional accessories. The other benefit of the modular capability of the range is that being weld free, any part of the AluTruk is fully repairable and interchangeable.

Our wheel options are manufactured by our sister division, BIL Castors and Wheels, the most popular being our puncture proof which uses a micro cellular tyre on steel centre complete with precision bearings. With these high quality bearings the sack truck sits perfectly on the axle to reduce unwanted movement and provide maximum longevity. The tyre itself is crowned meaning under load it is much easier to manoeuvre, addressing a key safety point for you and your drivers.

Our axle brackets are tooled and manufactured in a unique way out of magnesium alloy. The brackets are much more temperature resistant than cast aluminium, perfect for storage within temperature-controlled vehicles. They are also far more impact resistant, again providing much needed durability and reassurance towards longevity.

Being modular we ensure we use the highest quality UK manufactured fasteners utilising different grades throughout the product to ensure maximum durability in each area. The quality of our components is something we never compromise on.

All AluTruk’s that leave BIL are batch traceable using a unique identification number which can be generic or specified by our customer. Perfect if you want to allocate your AluTruk’s to specific vehicles or drivers. Quantity dependant we can even brand your AluTruk’s with your very own company logo enhancing the professional look of your business.

Manufactured to ISO standards our AluTruk range goes through a series of checks from receipting individual components to final checks when the AluTruk is fully assembled prior to packing. Everything is in place to ensure you receive the very highest standard product and service.

The AluTruk brand stamp is a guarantee of the highest quality and our assurance that our modular trucks are built to last.

We confidently offer and encourage on site trials so you can see the benefits first hand. If you would like to discuss this or understand more about the brand then please contact our sales team, we are always more than happy to help!