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Stair Glides – Video

Our stair glide components are available on most configurations of our modular AluTruk range and can either fitted on a brand new AluTruk or retro fitted to existing models within your fleet.

Purpose / use of the Stair Glide

The main purpose of a stair glide kit is to help with negotiating small thresholds such as kerbs and steps. The low friction polymer strips on the stair glide act as a guide when negotiating the load to the desired location

Using the stair glides is easy. By reversing the AluTruk to the threshold, this will allow the polymer skids to make contact. The user then simply needs to pull the AluTruk up the threshold and the polymer skids will help the user guide the loaded AluTruk up and onto the desired location

Fitting a stair glide

As a retro fit component, the stair glides are very easy to fit. All AluTruk main frames have predrilled holes for the fitting of the top section. Simply line the top of the stair glide with the holes and locate the screws supplied, fastening with Nyloc nuts. The lower section of the stair glide is fastened through the axle bracket and secured in the same way. Once fastened your stair glide is ready to use!

For the lower section the wheel does need to be removed albeit a simple process. The stair glide can then be fastened to the axle bracket. Refit the wheel and the stair glide is ready to use. It is as simple as that!

AluTruk stair glides are simple to fit, add very little weight to the AluTruk and provide reassurance to the user when they are having to negotiate thresholds with a heavy load. If you would like to know more about the range, please refer to our user guides or contact our sales team directly, we are more than happy to help.