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Stair Climbing Sack Trucks – Video

This is our range of stair climbing hand trucks. Stair climbing sack trucks are mainly used where goods need to be transported up or down multiple steps or other thresholds in a safe and efficient way.

Our stair climbing sack trucks are made to a high-quality specification, assembled in house with full quality checks carried out before being delivered, ready for use.

We offer variations of our stair climbing models including hand trucks with long skid assist bars and also a tri-wheel design.

Our longer skid models are designed to guide the load up kerbs and thresholds. The skids help to keep the load steady so you can focus on the direction of travel rather than the balance of the sack truck. The nylon skids provide low friction to ease movement and are designed flat to reduce the risk of damage to property.

Our tri-wheel design works by rotating on the axle when in use on stairways. On flat surfaces, two wheels lie flush to the floor, working together to assist with movement in the desired direction.

When used on stairs the wheels rotate when pulled against the bed of a step helping to guide the truck and load up each stair, this ultimately helps with control of the sack truck and allows the user to focus on the destination of travel.

Our stair climbing sack trucks come with puncture proof tyres as standard, with a crowned tread to reduce downtime and ease manoeuvrability when on the move. They provide a valuable solution if moving goods up and down stairs or other thresholds on a regular basis.

If you would like to know more about the range, please refer to our user guides or contact our sales team directly, we are more than happy to help.