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Platform Trucks – Video

At BIL, we offer a range of platform trucks to suit many different applications whether this be inside a busy warehouse, for general office use or outside in yards working with heavier duty products.

We offer a varied range, including aluminium platform trucks from our renowned AluTruk range. These come as standard with a folding handle for easy storage and have load capacities ranging from 150kg up to 350kg.

For heavier duty loads we manufacture a unique model with a polypropylene base which has a tested load capacity of 1000kg. This model has been found to be especially useful within the construction industry when moving large heavy amounts of product making it a very durable and versatile manual handling aid.
Most platform trucks come with a set castor configuration of two fixed and two swivel wheels. The reason for this is that it helps provide full control when on the move, making transporting product much safer and more efficient for the user.

The wheels themselves are chosen based on the load capacity of the individual platform truck and the suited applications for that specific model. As an example, we use larger polyurethane wheels on our 1000kg platform truck for easier use across outdoor terrain such as grass or gravel.

The actual weight of the platform trucks is also made relative to their application. Heavier models are designed for general warehouse use whereas our aluminium platform trucks can weight as little as 9kg which reduces manual handling risks if needing to store within a vehicle.

With a twelve-month warranty as standard, you can be sure our range is a durable yet cost effective solution to suit your business needs.

If you would like to know more about the range, please refer to our user guides or contact our sales team directly, we are more than happy to help.