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Multi Position AluTruk – Video

These are our multi position hand trucks from our renowned AluTruk range. Multi-position hand trucks are mainly used for carrying larger items such as flat pack furniture or moving multiple boxes of heavy goods at any one time.

Being a part of our AluTruk range, our multi position trucks are made to a high quality specification, assembled in house with full quality checks carried out before being delivered, ready for use.

Our multi-position range comes in either a two or three position option.

The two position models are available in a choice of different base sizes, 950 or 1300mm and can be used in either an upright position like a standard sack truck or converted down into a flatbed position.

Our three position AluTruk has the same features as the two position models however includes the benefit of a third position. This model can be positioned and secured at an angle to reduce strain on the user and provide stability if moving awkward or heavy loads.

Our multi position models come with a 300kg load capacity when used on the two main wheels and a 500kg load rating when in use on all four wheels.

When used on four wheels manoeuvrability is made easy with two fully rotational swivel castors housing grey non floor marking rubber wheels.

The range comes with puncture proof tyres as standard and a folding toe plate useful for easy storage and greatly beneficial if being used in the flat position moving larger product.

If you would like to know more about the range, please refer to our user guides or contact our sales team directly, we are more than happy to help.