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AluTruk Wheels – Video

These are the wheel options as used on our AluTruk range. Wheel options can be chosen dependant on flooring type, product being moved or just through personal preference.

Wheels are a key component of any sack truck, our own being manufactured by our sister division BIL Castors and wheels. They are carefully designed for high durability, with full quality checks being carried out prior to despatch.

We offer four main wheel types on the AluTruk range with the most popular being our puncture proof tyre on steel hub. This option uses a micro-cellular foam which runs through the entirety of the tyre. With the tyre being solid this eliminates the threat of deflation therefore reducing maintenance and downtime.

The tyre does not have a flat tread but is actually crowned. This assists ergonomically with much easier movement of the AluTruk when under load, ideal for reducing the risk of aches and strains for the user.

The puncture proof wheel is also available in grey as a non-marking alternative. This option comes with a polypropylene hub so is slightly lighter than our most popular option.

We also offer this wheel as a pneumatic option using a 6ply tyre for high durability. The benefit of a good quality pneumatic tyre being extra cushion on rough surfaces such as gravel or up and down kerbs.

Our final wheel has an aluminium core with an soft elasticated rubber wheel. This combined with a narrow tread proves popular within warehouse environments for multiple product movement. The size of the wheel makes it quick to manoeuvre.

One key problem area on many sack trucks in the market is bearing failure. We only use the highest quality bearings in all of our wheel options. The bearings have minimal tolerance on the axle meaning no unwanted movement and therefore a much reduced risk of failure.

If you would like to know more about the range, please refer to our user guides or contact our sales team directly, we are more than happy to help.