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AluTruk Toe Plates – Video

AluTruk toe plates are available in various sizes and can be chosen based on overall size and fixed or folding options. AluTruk toe plates are fully extruded for maximum durability meaning they will not crack under load or when used within varying temperatures unlike cast aluminium alternatives.

Options available

AluTruk toeplates are available in three main standard sizes with longer, shorter and wider options available.

Three of our options can be mounted to the front of the main frame for full fixed use, ideal for a general warehouse environment.

The plates can also be rear mounted. This helps the product to sit within the frame for additional stability for round shape product while on the move.

Our largest TPV plate does not have this option but is a great choice if your requirement involves carrying larger product as it is the biggest option available within the standard range.

We also provide the option of a folding toe plate. Our folding brackets have a fully welded bolt head to reduce unwanted loosening and provide extra longevity. The brackets come with a central brass bush for lower friction and easy folding and unfolding of the toeplate.

The benefit of a folding toeplate is that it provides easy storage within a warehouse environment or within a vehicle if being used for deliveries

All of our toeplate options are easily replaceable and interchangeable including changing a fixed to folding so you can design or modify as and when needed.

If you would like to know more about the range, please refer to our user guides or contact our sales team directly, we are more than happy to help.