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Turntable Trucks – Moving Loads Made Easy

What are turntable trucks?

A Turntable Truck (also known as a Platform Trolley, Flatbed Trolley or Turntable Trolley) is a special type of flatbed truck or trolley, which uses some type of turntable system allowing the wheels to turn in unison, thus making it simple to change the direction that the truck is travelling in.

Some turntable trucks are fitted with just a flat platform, whilst others can have fixed or removable sides meaning that they can be used to manually move a range of products.

Where are Turntable Trucks used?

Turntable trucks and trolleys can be used by nearly anyone, as the user-friendly design and steering unit make it easy to move to any location. Having a reliable, quick way to move large items is important for getting jobs done quickly, effectively and safely and any business that needs to regularly move heavy objects, or large shipments, needs a Turntable Truck as doing this manually by hand can create a risk of physical injury.

Places where Turntable Trucks are used include:

In fact you can use a turntable trolley in any location where a large amount of goods needs to be moved regularly or anywhere that heavy loads need to be manoeuvred.

Why choose a BIL Turntable Truck?

When moving heavy items, companies must make sure they are doing so safely – and that means using the correct equipment for the task – and purchasing the best quality products available and quite simply BIL turntable trucks fit the bill!

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our products.

Our Turntable Trucks are strong and durable, produced to the highest standards and have been designed to take the full strain of transporting heavy materials and equipment.

BIl Turntable Trolleys and Trucks feature a kingpin and friction plate steering mechanism to provide smooth turning capabilities so that you can be sure that your Turntable Trolley will glide around a workspace easily, turn and move around corners and obstacles smoothly, even when fully loaded.

Our Turntable Trucks also come with a variety of wheel types, and sizes, to suit different surfaces – important considerations when enabling your employees to move goods safely and efficiently.

In addition you will find BIL Turntable Trucks are:

We have a wide range of Turntable Trucks and Trolleys for you to choose from, with several options to ensure that you find exactly what you need including;

Our Trucks have a variety of load bearing capacities including up to 2 tonne Turntable Trucks for extremely heavy loads.

We build quality and value into everything we manufacture. It is our reputation for high quality and value for money that keeps our established customers buying and allows us to win new ones. All of our products are rigorously tested and stringent quality control is standard practice at BIL. New products are rigorously field tested and also – where appropriate – evaluated by independent test laboratories within the UK. This means that you can be sure that all of our products will perform to their stated capabilities, will not let you down and are built to last.

Tested and Trusted, BIL is the brand that you can rely on for quality, innovation and service.

If you have a need for Turntable Trucks or any other material handling requirements contact us now. We would be delighted to help and advise you.