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Skoots – Your Moving Solution

Supplied worldwide for over 30 years, Skoots have offered a practical solution to problems associated with moving large or difficult loads up to 5 tonnes where more conventional methods cannot be used.

Skoots are a hydraulically controlled portable moving system that lifts product off the floor and onto castors, allowing easy movement in any direction to the users desired location.

Can Skoots help you?

In a world dominated by Health and Safety regulations, Skoots offer a more controlled movement with greater safety than skates, dollies and pallet trucks. Difficult environments such as narrow corridors, tight doorways, and uneven surfaces pose no problems for the Skoots Moving System.

Skoots become an intrinsic part of the load with hydraulic jacks doing all the work of lifting and lowering. The load can be moved in any direction safe in the knowledge that it will not slip under normal circumstances. Skoots require less manpower and will do the job quicker and safely, saving time, cost and ultimately reducing injury risks and damage to equipment.

BIL Skoots are proven to make light work of shifting items such as:

Large fragile items such as photo booths, paintings, sculptures and glass display cabinets require delicate handling. BIL Skoots give full control we have perfected the smoothest lift and shift design necessary to do the job safely.

Why our Skoots Moving Systems work so well.


The Skoots castor wheels allow 360° movement but are fitted with industry leading directional locks meaning ultimate control in tight areas and when on the move. This unique feature means that doorways, corridors and similar restrictions can be negotiated easily and safely. The newly designed nylon wheels provide best results under the push / pull tests carried out and are fitted with precision bearings for minimum rolling resistance.


Our ergonomic handle design creates a more natural standing and pushing position for the user. Although an element of push is required, the comfort element has been redesigned in recent years to an upright handle as opposed to horizontal. A much more natural body position which in turn creates a much easier experience for the user.


The frame is comprised of two separate sections; the mainframe and toe plate. Skoots uses a unique ‘channel’ design, which covers the majority of the frame. In over 30 years of service we have never heard of a reported failure and this is backed by our 5-year guarantee on both the mainframe and toe plate! On imported inferior copies of Skoots, metal straps are used to hold the toe plate and main frame together. The welds on these straps are subjected to huge stresses when the load is raised and consequently can break, which we have seen out in the field. We always manufacture to the highest standards and never compromise on our quality designs.

Toe Plates

The toe plate dimensions are critical on this type of equipment. Too small and the load is likely to fall off. Too big and it will not go under the load. Skoots toe plates are designed to be 380mm wide x 120mm deep which as a standard suits many different applications. Many imported copies have wide plates but with minimal depth which can cause huge issues. For example, on a commercial fridge which has a chassis away from the outer edge of its casing. If the plate is not deep enough then the lifters become unusable.

Hydraulic Jacks

The hydraulic jack is the part that does most the work. Hydraulic jacks can be temperamental if poorly designed and seals can leak which is a given fact with any hydraulic equipment. Who will supply spares? Our jacks have been specially designed just for us and have been tested in very arduous conditions. Our jacks will lift the load to a height of 400mm although only 10-15mm is required to get the product on the move!

Paint Finish

We use a specialist hard powder coating that can only be applied correctly by around three powder coaters in the south of the UK! This is not powder coating, as most people know. It is extremely hard wearing and if the product is damaged and steel is exposed, our coating will not ‘lift’ around the scar as the steel oxidises providing much more durability.

Skoots have been and are, an industry leading concept in the material handling industry. We have customers who have used the product for over 30 years and still to this day we are finding new requirements and uses such as the location of bathroom pods in new high rise student accommodation developments! We even get ourselves on site performing demonstrations before purchase.

Skoots have been a ‘go to’ moving systems solution for many industry specialists and we are proud to manufacture and supply such a renowned range.

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