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Multi Position Sack Trucks and Trolleys

What are Multi Position / Convertible Trucks?

In order to have an efficient work environment, the right tools are needed to allow you to manoeuvre products and loads, easily and quickly. Multi Position, or Convertible Trucks, are specialised sack trucks that can be used manually to carry loads in a variety of positions.

Multi Position or Universal Sack Trucks are designed to switch between two, or three, different positions

Convertible in moments, these multi-purpose sack trucks are simple to use, giving you maximum flexibility.  Easy and simple to use, these convertible sack trucks mean that you don’t need to purchase multiple pieces of equipment and their versatility allows you to tackle practically any manual handling task.
This makes them an excellent value for money option.

Also universal sack trucks are ideal if you only have the space for one truck but need to do several different jobs.

Where are Multi Position Trucks used?

Investing in a multipurpose convertible sack truck means you can effortlessly switch between settings to transport all types of cargo in seconds.  This makes them ideal for use in commercial and industrial settings;

Convertible, Multi-position Trucks are also popular with delivery drivers who need to travel distances from their vehicle to the final drop off destination, with heavy or awkward loads – especially in congested towns and cities when they can’t park near their delivery location. They can use the sack truck in the upright position for quick drops or simply convert it to a platform truck for larger loads when needed.

Additionally, these highly versatile trucks are also ideal for use in a domestic setting for work in gardens, moving flat-pack furniture or other higher weighted goods.

Convertible sack trucks are incredibly easy to use and save you from purchasing multiple pieces of manual handling equipment. Perfect for businesses, or homes, short on storage space!  Indeed, they are the perfect manual handling solution to use for a vast array of environments and applications

Why choose AluTruk Convertible Sack Trucks?

Because ‘Quality Guaranteed’ means our products are built to last and that means unbeatable value for money.

AluTruk is part of the BIL Group and we are the leading UK manufacturer of high quality, UK made, aluminium sack trucks. When you buy AluTruk you are buying a guarantee of quality. We are ISO 9001:2015 accredited as a manufacturer, designer and developer of materials handling equipment and our own Quality Management System underpins all that we do.

Rigorous testing and quality control is standard practice. All products have been extensively field tested and evaluated by independent test laboratories within the UK.

Each and every modular AluTruk is hand built to order by skilled operators and every AluTruk is hard stamped with an individual, unique trace number for future reference. Strict quality controls are in place throughout the manufacturing process, followed by final checks prior to despatch to ensure that our reputation for superior build quality cannot be challenged.

Full batch traceability is incorporated to our systems to track every single component and materials back to source.

Don’t buy three when you only need one?

Our convertible trucks provide you with a durable and reliable sack truck that offers multiple additional uses, reducing the need for several separate pieces of equipment. This is especially beneficial in situations where space is limited, such as small premises or trucks and vans, or where work requires numerous different trucks.

Our convertible trucks are lightweight so there is no problem in lifting them in and out of vehicles and it is easy for anyone to pick up the truck and move it safely to where it is needed next.

We offer 3 different models:

All three of our convertible trucks can safely carry loads carry loads of up to 500kg when set in the flatbed position or up to 300kg when upright, which means that you can move heavy loads with little effort.

Our Convertible Sack Trucks come with puncture proof wheels as standard – allowing smooth movement over rough or uneven ground and the trucks are quick and easy to convert from a standard sack truck into a four wheel sack truck or a platform truck, which allows the operator to maintain control of the load. Furthermore you can increase productivity by carrying double the load!

If you work in an environment where you need a traditional upright sack truck, a 45° sack trolley and a flatbed platform trolley then this is your ideal solution.
Why buy three when you only need one. This one!

If you have any materials handling requirements that you would like help and advice on, please call us. We’d be delighted to hear from you and will do our best to help you.

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