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Moving and Handling Kegs?

You need AluTruk’s specialist keg handling sack truck

For several years now, The BIL Group have supplied breweries nationwide with our acclaimed AluTruk range. Small batch brewers right up to some of the biggest names in the industry use the AluTruk sack truck range as a tried and tested day to day solution for transporting kegs of all sizes.

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Move Kegs Safely with AluTruk’s Specialist Keg Handling Sack Truck

Moving kegs safely is made efficient and easy with our specially designed keg handling attachment which has been proven over many years within the brewery industry to reduce injury and prevent lost time.

Lightweight yet Durable

Unlike its steel counterpart, the AluTruk is lightweight yet durable – tested and certified to carry a 300kg load capacity. With a combination of curved back frame and keg hook assembly you can load kegs securely onto to the sack truck providing stability and ease of use.

Full control under load is maintained using a dual grip handle design giving the user the confidence when on the move combining with the secured keg for ultimate reassurance.

Full kegs are easy to move due to the unique design of the AluTruk puncture proof wheels. The wheels have a crowned tread giving less point of contact when under load allowing an easier pivot and much reduced push / pull efforts as proven in some of our rigorous ongoing product testing.

Customise your Keg Handling Sack Truck

At the BIL Group we can supply you with Keg handling AluTruks designed to suit your very own requirements whether this be with a different handle configuration, footplate size or even the addition of stair glides and wheel guards to fully maximise your AluTruk investment.

If you require a tried and tested keg handling sack truck solution for your business or if you have any questions about moving and handling kegs safely please contact us and ask about our AluTruk range. We’d be delighted to assist you.