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Mobile Safety Steps

What are Mobile Safety Steps?

Mobile Safety Steps (also variously referred to as warehouse steps, aircraft steps, industrial mobile steps, access steps or platform steps) are used in place of ladders to allow a person to work safely at height.  Safety Steps are self-supporting with a stable platform to work from.  They are fitted with castors or wheels, making them mobile and allowing them to be moved safely and easily.

Mobile Safety Steps are a safe alternative to conventional ladders which can be unstable and difficult to manoeuvre.  The robust construction provides stability, security and support for the operator.

Where are Mobile Safety Steps used?

These robust steps can be used in most locations where there is a need for people to work at height. They play a vital role in any ‘safety at work’ initiative, supporting you in keeping your workforce and premises safe.
Providing your workforce with the right equipment helps you to run a productive and efficient business.

In order to maximise storage space, many buildings are designed with high ceilings and when this is the case, the use of mobile safety steps is invaluable to help employees to reach high storage shelves and racking easily, without risking injury to themselves or others. They are designed to get to areas unreachable by a conventional stepladder safely.

Typically you will find mobile safety steps in use in;

Safety steps are a prerequisite in most commercial, industrial and government facilities and buildings when there is a need for manual elevation for any purpose. These businesses use such mobile steps in accordance with safety laws and for the benefit of their employees.

Why choose BIL Mobile Safety Steps?

Our comprehensive range of safety steps means that you can be confident that we can solve any of your access needs safely.

All of our Mobile Safety Steps are exceptionally well built (maximum load capacity 130kg), rigorously tested and conform to all safety manufacturing guidance. Smooth running wheeled castors make steering and control very easy even in tight spaces and slip-resistant rubber-covered feet ensure maximum stability during operation.

You can be assured that all are well made, strong, sturdy and robust and can be personalised to suit your needs with a choice of the number of treads and tread type.

Working in raised places can lead to serious workplace accidents. Using inferior or inappropriate Mobile Safety Steps can not only reduce productivity and cause personal injury, but can also wreck precious equipment and merchandise.

The BIL brand stamp is a guarantee of the highest quality and our assurance that our products are built to last. Our long standing client relationships bear testament to that. We consistently use the highest quality materials, carefully sourced from selected U.K. stockists and always ensure that the specification of materials, components and welds comfortably exceed the requirements of the product application i.e. they are always fit for purpose.

Tested and Trusted, BIL is the brand that you can rely on for quality, innovation and service.

If you have a need for Mobile Safety Steps or have any other material handling requirements contact us now. We would be delighted to help and advise you.