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How to Move Kegs, Casks and Barrels Easily and Safely

What are Keg Handling Trucks?

Keg Handling Trucks are essentially sack trucks or sack trolleys that have been designed specifically to handle the transporting of barrels and kegs. Attempting to use standard sack trucks to move kegs and barrels is asking for trouble and is definitely not recommended as they are often lacking the key features and benefits that a specific AluTruk® keg handling sack truck offers.

Why Use AluTruk Keg Handling Sack Trucks?

Our range of keg handling trucks are designed specifically to enable barrels, casks and kegs to be transported and moved simply, safely and effectively. Our durable, lightweight aluminium trucks are highly manoeuvrable, allowing kegs to be moved with ease, even in small, tight spaces. With a wider dual grip handle, the user can be confident of full control when the truck is loaded. Our keg handling trucks maintain stability even on uneven ground, with puncture proof wheels (as standard) and precision bearings that ensure smooth movement. Our keg handling AluTruks come ready fitted with a securing hook specifically designed to secure the barrel or keg onto the sack truck whilst on the move, a much safer way of transporting product to the desired location.

Moving Kegs and Barrels up kerbs steps and stairs

Our AluTruk Keg Handling Sack Truck With Extended Stair Glides and AluTruk Keg Handling Sack Truck With Stair Glide Assist models are specifically designed to ensure negotiating kerbs, thresholds and stairs can be done easily and safely under control. This is a valuable safety feature that you can provide for you delivery team!

The curved back frame and keg hook assembly, ensure that kegs are attached securely to the sack truck, providing stability. The use of an extruded aluminium base plate provides added strength and durability to the sack truck, unlike other brands that are less robust due to the use of cast foot plates that can crack due to poor material design. It’s true what they say – buy cheap, buy twice!

Other Brewery Equipment for use with Sack Trucks

It is also handy to have other dray equipment available to assist with the final deliveries of kegs and casks. In partnership with an industry leader, the BIL Group now offer extra ranges that include dray pads or cellar pads along with brewery ropes, brewery hooks and cask retrieval nets. All helping to make for a safe and efficient delivery service.

Quality Guaranteed

All of our kegs handling trucks are built to the highest specifications, using top quality materials. This ensures that our sack trucks are extremely strong, durable and easy to handle, making them safe and convenient for any member of staff to use. All this together creates a more productive, safe, efficient and effective working environment.
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Quality Guaranteed means our products are built to last and that means unbeatable value for money. Cheaper sack Trucks and Trolleys can easily be found, but you’ll be buying them again and again whereas your AluTruk will easily outlast these inferior competitors.

This is why AluTruk is recognised as the leading UK manufacturer of UK made aluminium sack trucks.

ISO 9001:2015 accredited for both manufacturer and design we also have our own Quality Management System which underpins all that we do.

Every modular AluTruk is hand built in the UK and hard stamped with an individual, unique trace number for future reference. Strict quality controls are in place throughout the manufacturing process, followed by final checks prior to delivery. Our reputation for superior build quality has been hard won and we do not intend to tarnish it in any way.

Experts in Materials Handling

BIL Materials Handling are experts in Material Handling. In the UK for over 50 years, we have an invaluable amount of knowledge, experience and expertise in materials handling products and solutions. We are happy to share all of this with you, to ensure you get the right products and solutions for your needs. If you have any materials handling questions or issues please just contact us – we’d be delighted to hear from you.

We also have additional information about our Keg sack trucks.