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Design Your Own Sack Truck

Create the perfect sack truck to meet your specific requirements and buy it online with our easy to use sack truck builder.

With the launch of our new website comes the opportunity to design a sack truck that fully meets your specific needs!  Choose all the features that you really want.  There is no need to make do with an ‘off the shelf’ option that isn’t quite right for you when you can design your ideal sack truck!  Perhaps you will choose to design a sack truck with multiple shelves for carrying a range of different types of items, or  a sack truck with a folding frame for easy storage. The choice is yours!

AluTruk’s modular design allows you to easily select and combine all of the components that you need to give you the satisfaction of customising your preferred sack truck.

Designing your personal sack truck with the AluTruk build your own range could not be simpler. To begin planning your sack truck go to Build Your Own Sack Truck

We’ve made it really easy – and it’s fun too!
Starting with the basic, entry-level sack truck in the AluTruk range, you simply add your desired components by selecting from the options shown to create your own bespoke sack truck. 

Throughout the process, your design will be displayed and updated on the left of the screen each time you change a component so that you can see exactly what the end product will look like. The price is always clearly shown at each stage.  

The system will make sure you can’t apply an option that won’t work in practise for example if the design you are creating can’t accommodate stair glides the system won’t allow you to apply them.

For support or advice about selecting the best components for your needs, or if you have any queries at all, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on +44 (0)1249 822 222 or send us a message at

Essential components for your sack truck – you choose the options you prefer

Here are some top-level guidance notes to help your thinking, but if you are not sure which options would be best for you, feel free to contact our friendly team for honest guidance and advice.

Sack truck handles

U-loop handles are provided on the basic entry level sack truck.  All of our handles are equally robust and durable so just choose your preferred option.  This could be twin double grip handles or the P-handle design or maybe you want a higher loop to support tall loads and / or knuckle guards for hand protection. 

Just some of our sack truck handle options;

Sack Truck frame

The basic model has a straight back frame with three aluminium cross members (our MFK frame) but if you intend to carry smaller items you would benefit from selecting the MFL frame which also has a vertical centre strip.  If your application involves transporting kegs, water bottles or other cylindrical objects then you should choose a curved frame.

Just some of our sack truck frame options;

Sack Truck Wheels

The basic AluTruk is supplied with our most popular wheel type option which is a 260mm puncture proof tyre on a steel centre. 

If your application would benefit from a non-marking tyre, then choose our grey puncture proof tyre. We also offer a high-quality pneumatic style wheel which is particularly useful on rough terrain, such as grass or gravel.

(More wheels are available)


The type of toe plate that you opt for will depend on how the truck is going to be used.  The basic model has a standard Front Mounted toeplate (w 455mm x d 225mm) which is also available in a range of sizes.  These toe plates are also available as a Rear Mounted option which are useful with curved back frames, allowing kegs / bottles to sit flush against the frame.  If storage space is limited, consider choosing a folding toe plate.

A couple of toe plate options:

Optional components – choose whether or not to add these to your AluTruk

Wheel guards – Wheel guards give the load being carried more stability by providing a larger surface area when the load is reclined.  They also protect goods against spray back in wet conditions. They are not essential but are recommended if your budget allows.

Stair Glides – Stair glides are invaluable if you are regularly having to negotiate small kerbs / thresholds or stairs.

Load Assist Plate –The aim of the load assist plate is to provide a tilt assist. Whilst tilting the user would simply step on the plate using their own foot to help recline the load back. This is a good health and safety feature as it helps prevent strains.

Folding nose extension (762mm length) – available as an option if you have selected a rear mounted toe plate.

The AluTruk sack truck is a highly regarded sack truck used throughout the UK by many household brands and other businesses large and small. AluTruk has a well-deserved reputation as a high quality and genuine value for money sack truck. Each and every AluTruk is hand built to order in the UK by a skilled workforce, who perform numerous quality checks prior to, during and after manufacture. The AluTruk brand stamp is a guarantee of quality – and an assurance that our modular trucks truly are built to last.

If you would like any assistance at all in selecting the right AluTruk to meet your business requirements, please contact us – we’d be delighted to assist you. If you can’t quite design the sack truck you really need for your business, because there are options missing let us know and we can look to manufacture a bespoke solution for you.

Call us – we are here to help.