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AluTruk Film Carts

The reliable stars in every production!

AluTruk Film Carts and Film Trolleys & Trucks are especially designed to move sensitive, valuable equipment easily and safely. Made in the UK to the highest quality standards means they are robust and long lasting performers, delivering excellent value for money and never fluffing their lines!

Film Carts are not just for the film industry. They are also valued in the television, photography and audio industries. Quite simple to use, they can be operated by anyone working in these industries; including Film & Studio managers, Sound and Lightning technicians or assistants.

Film Carts Essential Backstage Equipment

should be essential equipment for any backstage or studio operation and they will prove to be equally valuable when used on location too.

Our versatile Film Carts are used to safely transport expensive gear such as cameras, battery packs, generators, lighting, recording or audio equipment whenever they need to be moved.

The same film carts and trolleys can also be used to conveniently store production equipment which means that valuable time is not wasted hunting around for the required gear, as it is always to hand and ready to be transported.

Why choose AluTruk Film Carts?

Made in the UK and built to the highest quality standards, the AluTruk Film Carts are lightweight but durable, and with a load capacity of 450kg. They are specifically designed to meet the specialised demands of the film production business. They provide a safe, highly mobile and manoeuvrable, easy to use solution for carrying and storing expensive production kit.

Both of our Film Carts, AluTruk Film Cart – Large (1300mm Trays) and AluTruk Film Cart – Standard (950mm trays), have spacious carpeted shelves providing plentiful, protected storage space for all accessories but also ensuring that your valuable equipment doesn’t slide around.

Puncture proof tyres come as standard on our film trucks with an option to convert to high durability swivel castors – fitted with brakes – to ensure complete control over the cart.

Our Film Cart is perfect for anyone in the film, television, music or photography business, looking for a reliable, durable storage or transport system for their valuable equipment.  Make sure you cast the AluTruk film cart in your next production. It really is a class act!

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