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AluTruk – carrying water the AluTruk way!

The Water Bottle AluTruk® is the ideal solution for manual handling within the water cooler industry. They create a safe and efficient solution to manoeuvring water bottles over short or long distances.

As with our standard modular AluTruk® range the sack trucks are ergonomically designed to the highest quality and come fitted with puncture proof tyres as standard. The benefit being that they are solid so therefore no risk of puncture and as they are fitted with precision bearings this creates a smooth ride over nearly every type of surface including indoors, gravel, tarmac and grass.

BIL Group provide two water truck options as standard. The first can carry up to five bottles with the second capable of carrying seven. Each sack truck has a tested and certified load capacity of 300kg with each individual water tray able to safely take a weight of 25kg each. Well within the overall weight of a standard 18.9L water bottle.

The Water bottle trucks are ideal for use within small offices, Schools and large multinational companies. The seven-bottle version is fitted with dual grip handles along with a U-loop providing ultimate control when under load and on the move. It also comes with skid bars at the rear which makes negotiating kerbs / stairways much easier. The biggest difference with this truck is its capability to carry more water bottles meaning fewer overall journeys on the job, therefore making the overall visit to the customer more efficient.

The five-bottle version is lighter and makes shorter distance deliveries safe and quick. Simply load the bottles onto the unfolded trays and you are ready to go.

BIL Group provide these water trucks to a whole host of companies including the likes of Eden Spring and Angel Springs.

We have supplied these products into the industry for many years and have the added benefit of being able to supply spare parts which are readily available.