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Advantages of using a pallet truck

Every day pallets and materials are moved around warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants and other sites. Often, forklifts are used to aid the worker in these movements, however forklifts are large and need a lot of training to manoeuvre. Pallet trucks are a safe and convenient way of moving pallets and materials around your site, but that’s not all that they are useful for…

While there are many reasons why a pallet truck could improve your workforce, there are 4 main reasons why you should use them:

Heavy lifting is always a concern for any site, risk of injury to the upper body, especially the back, can be caused by workforces trying to lift more than they are capable. Heavy lifting is what pallet trucks are made for, not only will they make the movement of product safer, but they will reduce downtime of your workforce for injury related time off.

Alongside saving time with less downtime within your workforce, you can also save money too. Pallet trucks need less servicing compared to other products, and with the fact that they are either moved by the employee, or by an electric battery, the fact they do not use fuel brings down the cost as well. Pallet trucks are cheaper to buy then other more expensive equipment, and the maintenance needed is low.

Pallet trucks are able to move heavy loads at a quicker rate than other methods, which can increase productivity and efficiency. As the employees use the pallet trucks for heavy lifting, instead of their own strength, moral and energy is boosted, creating a happy workforce with less fatigue and need for downtime.

But one of the most important factors of using a pallet truck in the first place is how easy it can be. Pallet trucks are smaller than forklifts so can manoeuvre through tight spaces and corners more easily. Different sizes of pallet trucks are available meaning they are able to manage different types of loads, and having both hand operated pallet trucks, as well as electric, means you can find the right product for you in the right price range.

At BIL Group, we offer two different types of pallet truck, the Hand pallet truck, and the Semi-Electric pallet truck.

The hand pallet truck can withstand loads up to 2500kg, this product includes 550mm x 1150mm forks with a width of 260mm, and polyurethane guide and steer wheels. Currently available with free delivery too when ordered directly with us*.

The semi-electric pallet truck is a fantastic piece of kit if your workforce needs that extra bit of help when moving heavy loads. This pallet truck comes fitted with a 10Ah lithium battery, with a three-hour working time when charged for five-hours. It has a max travel speed of 3.5kmh and can handle loads of up to 2000kg.

It is clear that pallet trucks are a must for any busy site, and at BIL Group, you not only have great prices and great products available, but also a 12-month guarantee on any pallet truck you decide to buy. Shop the products on our website now, or call our friendly sales team who will be happy to help you make the right decision for your company on 01249 822 222.

*Pallet trucks are subject to a £35 surcharge to Northern Ireland, Highlands and Islands.