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BIL’s Ergonomic Wheels Lead the Market

We have tested our range of Ergonomic Wheels against other types of wheel material – including our own standard range – and also our competitors.

The results are conclusive…

The BIL/Muvtons Green Ergonomic SRPTA wheel outperformed all other compounds and those of the other manufacturers.

Our combination of the special compound polyurethane wheel with 85 Shore A hardness, in conjunction with the crown tread on the tyre gives outstanding performance.

Our industry leading wheel greatly reduces the amount of effort required to maintain straight-line movement and start-up co-efficient. This will effectively enhance the ergonomics of any heavy dollies or trolleys that they are fitted to.

These are the tests that we conducted;

Start/stop and rolling resistance for push/pull trucks

These tests set out to measure the forces required, in terms of effort, to start a truck moving and then the effort required to maintain the movement. The test results allow customers to choose the correct type of wheel for their work environment whilst ensuring operator effort required to move the trucks is kept to a minimum. The following criteria are used by BIL when carrying out the testing;

Testing was in two parts.
Part A is the displacement test which measures the effort required to start the truck moving from a standstill, using the following procedure;

Part B is the maintain movement test which measures the force required to maintain the truck motion on level ground over a fixed distance, using the following procedure:

The Test was conducted according to displacement test procedure.

The full Test Report is available if you would like to see it. You can request a copy here.