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Ball bearings – for repair and refurbishment

We carry a comprehensive stock of ball bearings covering the majority of popular bore sizes that are suitable for most applications.

All BIL products use high quality ball bearings during manufacture to ensure the smooth and efficient running of wheels, castors and our extensive range of material handling equipment. However as with all mechanical products these will wear over time and to ensure your equipment remains in optimum condition, we can supply a range of ball bearings for repair and refurbishment purposes.

Our 2RS range of ball bearings use rubber seals both sides and are manufactured with a chrome steel outer casing.  These combine a high load capacity with good low noise properties and are also highly cost effective. However these bearings are not suitable for corrosive environments as the material is not corrosion resistant.

To meet this requirement we also supply commonly required sizes with an outer casing of 440 grade stainless steel which are particularly suitable in food and beverage industries where frequent washing is commonplace.

Our ZZ range feature metal seals for extra performance and are particularly suited to working in high temperature environments.

We always recommend that you fit like for like bearings when carrying out repair or refurbishment work and will provide technical advice if required.

Please refer to our ball bearing chart for our stock items. If you can’t see the size and specification of the bearing you need, please contact us on 01249 822222 to discuss your requirements or use our contact form. We would be happy to help you.