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Need to move up to 1000kg – easily and safely?

BIL introduce the 1000kg load rated Polypropylene based platform truck and it’s in stock now.

Within many industries, weighty materials or products often require moving or relocating quickly in order to meet production, delivery or other deadlines. However with health and safety regulations being more tightly monitored (and rightly so!) when moving heavy items companies must make sure they are doing so safely – and that means purchasing and using the correct equipment for the task.

So if a company is going to meet it’s health and safety obligations when moving very heavy items how best can they do that?

The answer is simple. They need to find a supplier who can:

You would be surprised at how many materials handling suppliers do not give accurate, trustworthy data regarding their products weight handling capabilities!

BIL Group are here to help with all your heavy materials handling needs.

Introducing the BIL 1000kg load rated Polypropylene based platform truck.

Here at BIL, we have recently introduced a brand new product to our range of equipment that is available from stock to dispatch on a next day delivery service! We are proud to be one of very few companies within the UK who are able to manufacture, supply and deliver a 1000kg load rated platform truck* with polypropylene base!

This new platform truck – with its fully tested load capacity, combined with 950mm x 650mm base is suitable for a whole host of industries including, warehousing, construction, industrial and many more!

The 1000kg platform truck itself is fitted with a black powder coated, durable steel handle and four fully tested castors, two of which swivel and two fixed for ultimate control when under load. Different wheel options are also available on request to cater for every single application!

BIL’s new addition is delivered with minimal assembly required. Simply fit the castors and the handle using the nuts and bolts provided and you are good to go!

At BIL Group, adding new products to our range is something we consider very carefully. Due to our strict quality processes, any potential new products must pass all of our stringent quality testing checks.

This is why you can trust the BIL Group as a high quality, reliable supplier and why you can also be sure that all of our products – including our acclaimed range of AluTruk®, Skoots, Skates and Jacks and our extensive range of Castors & wheels – will perform to their stated capabilities and not let you down.

BIL strive to be innovative and provide solutions to any of our customer’s material handling requirements. Simply ask and we aim to deliver!

In the next few weeks (December 2018) BIL Group will also be introducing a new variation of our AluTruk® range featuring the ability to be fixed in a 45 degree angle reducing strain on the user and allowing easy movement all round, if you feel this could be of interest – or if you would like any more information on our 1,000kg platform truck – please get in touch with our sales team on 01249 822222. They’d be delighted to hear from you.

* Heavy Duty Platform Truck with 950mm x 650mm deck space. Black powder coated fixed steel handle, blue platform base manufactured of high impact Polypropylene. Fitted with 2 x swivel and 2 x fixed 150mm polyurethane castors. Total Height 1050mm (deck height 250mm)
Load capacity 1,000kg.