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Castors and Wheels Chemical Resistance Guide

Wheels and tyres when fitted directly to the unit such as a trolley or to a castor can have a pretty hard life and are often attacked by numerous chemicals in the workplace. It is vital therefore to choose a wheel and tyre that can withstand coming into contact with a wide variety of harmful substances.

Exposure to chemicals

Operating in environments where chemicals are present can cause serious damage to your wheels and castors if you haven’t selected the right compounds. For example; if your castor wheels are going to be used in an environment where there are acids, oils or other corrosive chemicals then avoid rubber castor wheels (which can be damaged by exposure to these substances)  and opt for polyurethane or pressed steel.

Fortunately BIL Castors & Wheels have made this task a lot easier, and all of our wheel & tyre combinations are provided with an indication of their resistance to commonly encountered chemicals. These are shown in the table below where we have rated the resistance from A (high resistance) to F (low resistance) for nearly 30 chemicals and corrosive substances found in many industrial and commercial environments. See the chart below or simply call us directly on 01249 822222 for expert advice and friendly help and guidance.