What makes AluTruk® a premium quality sack truck?

June 27th, 2024

We use only premium quality structural aluminium for our AluTruk frames due to its high strength to weight ratio. The most suitable alloy has been chosen for tensile strength, density, ductility, formability, workability and corrosion resistance.

AluTruk® handgrips stay on the sack truck and once fitted correctly, our nylon grips are virtually impossible to remove without cutting tools!

We use UK-sourced fasteners which deliver superior strength and longevity. For maximum strength and durability we use magnesium alloy axle brackets which are less brittle and more impact resistant than standard die cast aluminium.

Our one-piece pressed steel hubs are made from 1.8mm coated steel for maximum durability available with puncture proof tyres for reduced downtime.

Extruded aluminium is used for our toe-plates, again designed for maximum strength.

ALL parts of the AluTruk® are replaceable saving on both cost and downtime within your fleet to give excellent value for money.

For all these reasons we can truly say the AluTruk is a premium quality sack truck.

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