Are aluminium sack trucks better than steel sack trucks?

June 27th, 2024

Although aluminium is more expensive than steel, the way the AluTruk® is designed makes it much more durable than a steel sack truck – therefore it will last longer and the deliver better value for money. The AluTruk® modular design also means that you can replace the individual parts rather than the whole truck. Again, this makes it very cost effective over a longer period. The use of aluminium also means that it is weld free – if a weld breaks on a steel truck you will need to replace the whole truck but the modular design of the aluminium AluTruk® means that you can replace just one part.

A steel truck will be much heavier than an aluminium one but that doesn’t mean it’s less durable. With AluTruk® you still retain the strength because of the modular design and the top quality components used. See “What makes AluTruk® a premium quality sack truck?” for more detail.

AluTruk® parts are anodised so that there is less risk of corrosion or rust, whereas steel is powder coated and when this wears off it is vulnerable to rust and so doesn’t maintain it’s appearance in the same way as AluTruk®.

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