Traversing Steep Hillside with BILTruk

BIL Group were recently contacted by John, who has a small cottage in Devon. This picturesque cottage is surrounded by a 2.3-acre steep hillside valley garden, which presented significant landscaping challenges. With no access around the back of the building, all materials had to be either transported through the house or dropped at the top of the hill and manually moved down to the work area. Given the nature of the projects, which involved moving heavy and awkward materials including bags of sand, cement, logs, as well as a host of other materials, a reliable solution was needed…and fast. Most garden trolleys tried were simply not strong enough to withstand the demands of the terrain and tasks, but this is where BIL Group came in!

The BILTruk Steel P-Handle Sack Truck changed John’s landscaping efforts forever. This robust piece of equipment proved invaluable for transporting heavy and bulky materials down the steep paths. The P-handle of the truck allowed for efficient and effortless movement and its tough construction and sturdy design enabled it to handle the weight of multiple items effectively. It was used to transport sections of oak sleeper, bags of sand, cement, ready-mix concrete, and 2 tons of slate chippings from the drop-off point at the top of the hill down to the working area quickly and efficiently.

John was more than happy with his BILTruk, quoted saying: “Controlling a wheelbarrow on the steep zig-zag path is not easy but my BILTruk is brilliant. I have used it to bring down 20kg bags of sand, cement, and pre-mix concrete, and round barrels half filled with stone chips and slate chippings! I have also used it to shift piles of logs and fencing posts etc. Most garden trolleys designed for this sort of work are simply not strong enough. The puncture-proof tyres are brilliant, it’s sturdy and easy to control (in comparison to a wheelbarrow anyhow!)”

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