Service at land record speed from The BIL Group!

BIL are proud that we have recently been able to assist with the Bloodhound Land Speed engineering project.

We were recently approached by the project to provide lifting equipment suitable for them to complete various aspects of the design and build of the Bloodhound SSC car. Using one of our forklift jacks they have been able to safely carry out engineering work on this important and exciting project.

The Bloodhound project’s aim is to break the current land speed record set over 20 years ago which stands at 760mph. The project has been setup to show how new technologies and advances are helping the industry push new boundaries, with the Bloodhound project confident they will break the current record! Soon they will visit South Africa for speed tests which should then hopefully be followed up with their incredible record attempt.

With the Bloodhound project wanting to check our equipment was suitable for their requirements we sent our fully kitted BIL van to their site the following day where we were met with the inspiring vision of the car in its full production phase.

We are regularly approached by companies and project managers to assist with their manual handling requirements always with the aim to help bring their visions to reality and we are always happy to help find the solution.

We are pleased to have been trusted to assist with this project and wish the Bloodhound team all the luck in the world with their record attempt!

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