Keg Handling AluTruk

The company:

This award winning brewery, who’s recent accolades include a Gold award at the 2023 World Beer Cup® for Keller Pils in the Kellerbier/Zwickelbier category and ‘Brewery of the Year’ at the 2022 Brewers Choice Awards, needed state of the art material handling equipment that would keep up with the high demand and also be easy to use in their warehouse and beyond.

The solution:

BIL Group delivered Lost and Grounded a core model of our famous brand – AluTruk. This Keg Handling Sack Truck makes the transportation of kegs easier and safer with a combination of its curved back frame and keg hook. Using a dual grip handle design gives the user confidence when on the move and the puncture proof wheels provide durability and peace of mind during use.

This AluTruk also features lightweight wheel guards to avoid unwanted rain splash back on the product, combined with an extruded aluminium designed base plate provides added durability in comparison to other foot plates on the market.


Upon receiving and using the AluTruk, Lost and Grounded said: “The AluTruk is easy to use and strong enough to meet the demand of our busy brewery. BIL were also able to customize our truck to make it more compatible with our keg products and fully branded with our company logo. It handles well and has very stable manoeuvrability across different terrains, from around our brewery warehouse to the cobbled streets in Bristol!”

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