BIL Group Castors Supporting the Africa Cup of Nations


The Africa Cup of Nations is one of the most anticipated football tournaments on the continent, drawing massive audiences worldwide. With the stakes and expectations high, every aspect of the tournament, including the pitch, is of upmost importance.

The Challenge:

In preparation for the upcoming event, organisers faced a challenge in ensuring the staging set up during the event did not affect the pitch conditions. Traditional castors used for staging equipment and infrastructure often churn up the turf, causing damage and potentially delaying play. BIL Group were tasked with manufacturing a castor and wheel solution that ensured the preservation of the turf but enabled easy manoeuvrability of the staging.

The Solution:

BIL Group developed a revolutionary set of castors specifically designed to ensure the pitch stayed in perfect condition for play, even when carrying the heavy load of staging equipment.

Understanding the urgency of the situation, BIL Group streamlined their production process to fit the short lead time, ensuring that organisers had access to the castors well ahead of the tournament kick-off.

Key Features:


In a high-pressure environment where every detail matters, BIL Group’s castors became a trusted partner in ensuring the success of the Africa Cup of Nations. With a commitment to excellence, BIL Group continues to set the standard for castors in a wide variety of applications.

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