CAD terms of use

We work closely and faithfully with our customers. This document sets out the terms of use for the BIL CAD download service.

BIL Group Ltd (herein after referred to as ‘BIL’) provides CAD files online for its customers. This is to facilitate the use of BIL castors in the design projects of customers. This BIL online service is offered freely for the benefit of BIL customers. BIL retains the right to determine the specification of all files available for download. BIL also reserves the right to stop this service in full or in part at any time without giving a reason.

BIL are the only party able to grant access rights for users. There is no legal claim to this service.

The Data Security Statement complements the following Terms of Use for CAD files provided by BIL.

1. Restriction of Use

The CAD files provided by BIL remain under the ownership of BIL.
Only the registered company that has downloaded data may use it. Any circulation of this data (in any form) to third parties is prohibited specifically without written permission of BIL.

BIL reserves the right to take legal steps against anyone who infringes this obligation.

2. Liability

BIL hereby disclaims all warranties or liabilities with regard to the accuracy of any downloaded CAD files. Design-related tolerances may occur for some products.

3. Modifications

The CAD files provided for download by BIL are exclusively for the purpose of information and will not be updated regularly. BIL reserves the right to change these files, make technical changes and delete them at any time without any notice.

4. Data storage when downloading CAD files

The download of CAD files is recorded. BIL may use these records and data for the purpose of customer service. No data will be passed on to any other companies or organisations.

The General Terms and Conditions of BIL Group Ltd apply.